Anu Azrael ~ Bio

My approach to working and life are similar.  I am laid back, relaxed, human & easy to engage with.  I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time and I enjoy genuine contact with others. I have been 10 years + with Family/Systemic Constellations, I learned a lot in the Osho field of therapy, I have been training with Daan Van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual for 4 years and I finished my Somatic Experiencing/Trauma Healing training in 2014. I am now on the SE Training assistant pathway. I believe the most important thing in life is nourishing and strengthening ourselves so that our gifts can totally flow into the world, so everyone inspires everyone.

‘Life is an adventure, to be lived and enjoyed totally, whatever is stopping you from living this truth, lets overcome it together’

Relevant Qualifications & Memberships

Family/Systemic Constellation Practitioner
Systemic Ritual Practitioner
Somatic Expereincing/Trauma Healing Practitioner

(International Systemic Constellations Association)

(Somatic Experiencing Association United Kingdom)